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Founded in 2005 by Mike France, Peter Ellis and Christopher Ward they started the world's first online-only watch brand. Launched from a converted chicken shed on a farm in Berkshire.

Soon after the launch of the brand Dave Malone was a Tasmanian lecturer and watches expert. When he saw the press ad for a watch powered by an ETA 2824–2 automatic movement, he decided to buy one. His plan was to write a critical review on the world’s largest watch forum,

Fortunately for Christopher Ward, his review was most complimentary. 

Stating the watch was the “best value mechanical watch in the world”.

Sales immediately spiked and Christopher Ward became firmly established.

After receiving such high praise in the industry and from collectors in 2008 they began work with assistance from a Swiss watchmaking company: Synergies Horlogères. Based in Biel, Switzerland. SH was owned and led by Jörg Bader who had the same vision Christopher Ward had on designing a new movement. After many years of design and development, July 2nd 2014 saw the announcement to an astounding watch industry of their own in-house movement, Calibre SH21, the first commercially viable mechanical movement from a British watch brand in over 50 years.


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