Our Story

KibbleWatches is where you come to buy and sell watches, regardless of budget, brand, age or requirements. Situated at our office in Clerkenwell, London. We are a small team of watch enthusiasts with a passion for horology. Starting from humble beginnings in Leicester buying and selling on eBay.

James Kibble, our founder, moved through retail with high-end jewellers and auctions gaining experience and knowledge. During this time a seed was grown and a move to London pushed James on to create KibbleWatches into a full time thriving business.

Our office in Clerkenwell is a welcoming environment, where you can experience the watches first hand through our appointment system. We handle watches from a few hundred pounds to multiple thousands. We specialise in the unusual and unique watches that you wouldn’t normally see for sale. Our watches are sourced from owners who care passionately about watches as we do.

Through our website KibbleWatches.co.uk you can easily search for a watch, with the use of high detailed macro, lifestyle photography and descriptions giving details not only of the watch itself but a brief history of the brand, giving you confidence that you are buying and selling through a reputable dealer.

Our presence over December 2020 in Savile Row at “The Service” really encapsulated our professional credentials, finding new friends and customers with the same passion for watches, it was an exciting and beneficial adventure for the business. 

As our reputation has continued to grow we have been encouraged and supported by watch brands in the UK, one such brand is Fears Watches, who have the same aspiring enthusiasm and professionalism as we do. As an authorised dealer for Fears Watches we offer a unique experience in London for the respective buyer/collector, enjoying over a chat and a coffee while trying on the Fears collection

Our friendly and approachable personalities create a reassuring atmosphere, where you can be assured of excellent service and attention to detail.

Meet the Team

James Kibble, Founder.

James founded KibbleWatches from humble beginnings in Leicester. In 2018 moving to his office in Clerkenwell, London. With his retail and auction house experience, he continued to expand his knowledge base in watches and build the business in his spare hours. It was only a matter of time before KibbleWatches became a full-time venture. James' responsibilities for the company consist of curating watches for sale, selling the watches, and further developing the company and brand.

Daniel Fejes, Photographer & Videographer.

Daniel is the latest member of the KibbleWatches team. With a passion for watches through his Instagram account (@wis_on_a_budget) and working within the retail industry, we are excited to have Daniel develop within KibbleWatches. Daniel is responsible for photography of our watches that you see on our website and also on social media and advertisement including all video content on YouTube.

Nigel Kibble, Customer Service & Editor.

Nigel has been a supporter of KibbleWatches and James since its early days, helping with whatever tasks needed to be done. Nigel is now responsible for editing the watch photography that you see on the website and customer service through the KibbleWatches email.

 Lia Dumbrill, Assistant.

Lia began working for the business in November 2020 right before KibbleWatches pop up in Savile Row where Lia played a crucial role in customer service and social media. Lia continues to play a vital role in the day-to-day tasks of KibbleWatches from replying to emails, scheduling and shipping of sold watches and much more.