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Vertex was the brainchild of Claude Lyons of London born in 1885. At the age of 17, he started his involvement in the watch Industry. With the help of a £1000 loan, he set up Dreadnaught Watches in 1912. In 1915 they were producing watches for the British armed forces during WW1. In 1916 he founded Vertex Watches Ltd in both Hatton Gardens and in Switzerland. In 1927 Vertex became the exclusive importer of Movado Watches to the UK. 1938 Henry Lyons Claude's son in law joins the company. In 1940 their Hatton Gardens premises were destroyed by a Luftwaffe bomb. In 1941 as a Captain in the British Army Henry was asked to create a watch suitable for the British military. 1944 saw the production of the Cal.59 W.W.W. Nav watch. Business continued successfully throughout the 50s, 60s. Sadly in 1972 due to the emergence of the Quartz revolution and the expiration of his lease in Hatton Gardens, Henry closed the Company. In 2015 Claude’s  Great Grandson Don Cochrane re-established the Company.