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Born in Geneva, Jean-Marc Vacheron was the youngest of a master weaver’s five sons. Jean-Marc Vacheron created his watchmaking workshop at the age of 24. With the founding of the company on September 17, 1755, This is the world's oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation

From 1810, Jacques-Barthélémi Vacheron took over the business. His arrival marked the start of Vacheron’s entry into the world of great watchmakers. At that time, his workshop began to produce more complicated pieces, such as musical watches that played two melodies. The commercial aspect developed and expanded beyond Switzerland’s borders, first in France and then in Italy.

In 1819 François Constantin met Jacques-Barthélémi Vacheron. Both men originated from Geneva, sharing the same passion for stylish and complicated watches. The "Vacheron et Constantin" company was soon created.

As the threat of the American watch industry emerged, Jacques-Barthélémi Vacheron decided to hand over the management of the business to his son in 1844. Charles-César Vacheron accelerated the development process of the factory and moved into new markets such as China, Spain, India and Cuba.

1906 saw the opening of the first Vacheron Constantin Boutique in Geneva.

The great-grandnephew of François Constantin, joined the business in 1914 after studying at the École d'Horlogerie de Genève. It was during this time that the First World War broke out, he was conscripted and sent to the northern border.

Vacheron Constantin models have been worn by the Faruk of Egypt, the Shah of Iran and the Duke of Windsor amongst many other famous characters over the years. In 1955 Vacheron Constantin celebrated its bi-centenary and on this occasion introduced the worlds’ thinnest watch movement at 1,64mm.

Vacheron Constantin is the first watchmaking company to receive the rare and highly coveted “Diplôme Prestige de la France” recognizing their talent in design and craftsmanship work in 1972.

A new production facility was built in Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva, as well as renovation of the brand’s historical headquarters now known as the “Maison Vacheron Constantin”.

2005 Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 250th anniversary