Brand Directory: TITUS (Solvil et Titus)

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In 1887, TITUS was founded by Paul Ditisheim a watchmaker and inventor in the small Jura village of Sonvilier. The brand was registered as Solvil et Titus. His interest in Chronometres won him a number of awards for precision after development and trials were carried out by the Royal Observatories of Kew-Teddington and Neuchâtel. In 1930, Ditisheim sold Solvil et Titus to Paul-B. Vogel, who broadened their market share and created an international distribution network. As demand grew they revolutionised their watch design and manufacturing. Forming three sub-brands Solvil was their high-end offering which continued Ditisheim's legacy, Ditis was their modern interpretation of the chronometer and finally Titus which was their moderately priced antimagnetic watch. In 1963, the Société des Garde-Temps S.A (SGT) was created, and Solvil et Titus became one of the founding members of this group which included brands such as Avia, Elgin, Helvetia, Sandoz, Invicta, and Waltham. Due to the “Quartz Crisis” this illustrious group of brands dissolved in 1981. Undeterred Solvil et Titus survived and saw the brand break into the Asian market. Becoming successful in Hong Kong, with sales and marketing strategies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Mainland China. Since then, Solvil et Titus has become a household name in the region and to strengthen this fact they adopted a new slogan “Follow My Own Time” which reflected the populations changing modernist attitudes. Using celebrity ambassadors they continue to grow a modern fashionable brand. They are part of the Stelux Holdings International Limited based in Hong Kong.