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Richard Benc founded Studio Underd0g in March 2020 whilst still under lockdown due to Covid in the UK. He had studied product design at the University of Nottingham. It is during this time that he started to imagine his own line of watches. Working in the watch industry for over 5 years he worked on many designs. Releasing his ideas online he began to gain confidence that a funky design and colour combination was the way to go. The brand name came about as he saw himself as a small fish in a large sea with much bigger ideas and aspirations. He replaced the small “o” in Underdog with a “0” which is now part of their brand identity.

Inspired he created a watch that is both fun and playful, using colour, textures and design cues to create a design that stands out from the crowd. Releasing four models each with its own unique design and using a well established Seagull ST-190 movement. Studio Underd0g was born with the watches selling on a pre-order basis, which was the only way Richard could afford to produce the watches. His next generation of watches will be assembled in the UK and he will be using UK sourced suppliers and manufacturers such as David