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In 1961 the pilot and flight instructor Helmet Sinn founded the Sinn watch company in Frankfurt am Main. Principally making watches that gave the user maximum functionality at a reasonable price. His Pilot watches became popular with his fellow pilots as they appreciated their build quality and precision. In 1985, Professor Dr Reinhard Furrer, a German physicist, can be seen wearing the 140 S model on his wrist during the D-1 space lab mission. They continued their exploration of space with the 142 S in 1992. This watch was worn by Dietrich Flade during the Mir-92 mission. Later in 1993, the 142 space chronograph went on the second German Spacelab mission, the D-2. The mission was in space for 10 days, orbiting the Earth 160 times whilst onboard the NASA space Shuttle, Colombia. 

Sinn was bought by Lothar Schmidt an engineer in 1994 renaming the company ‘Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH’. Over the years Schmidt used his engineering background to develop Ar-dehumidifying technology which is resistant to temperature. In 2011 they celebrated their 50th anniversary.