Brand Directory: Sheffield Watch S.A

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Sheffield Watch S.A. set up its headquarters in Muttenz, Switzerland. The company was registered there on September 1, 1960. Sheffield Watch Inc. entered the USA later in 1967 selling in high-end stores under that name. With distributors selling to the main chains under "Sheraton" and "Norbee" branding. They were the largest importer of Roskopf movements, wristwatches and Swiss pin levers. Imports of this type of watch accounted for 70 per cent of the turnover of the company. The SSIH (Swiss Society for the Watch Industry) became majority shareholders in 1971. At that time SSIH were the third-largest watchmaker in the world behind Timex in the USA and Seiko in Japan. Millions of dollars were spent in advertising the virtues of the Sheffield brand but unfortunately, by the end of April 1972, they had closed their factory doors for good, with a huge loss of 32 million Swiss francs.