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Revue was registered by Alphonse Thommen around 1908 in Waldenburg, Switzerland. Originally, his father Gédéon Thommen, a local merchant, and Louis Tschopp, a watchmaker, bought the Waldenburg clock and watchmaking company in 1859 after it got into debt. The company was renamed “Gédéon Thommen Watchmaking” or “GT” in 1869 after Tschopp retired. In 1890 Gédéon passed away, leaving the business to his son Alphonse  The company sold watches to the UK under the name Vertex. At that time, Claude Lyons, based in Hatton Gardens, London, was the agent. 

During the First World War, they made aviation cockpit instruments. During the Second World War, they were commissioned to make watches for the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe under the name Revue-Sport. 

In the 1990s, aviation instruments became their primary product; they stopped producing watches. 

The watch side of the business granted a license to a Swiss company, Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG, in 2001, which manufactures and markets under the brand name REVUE THOMMEN. Since 2012, " GT Thommen Watch AG" has owned the intellectual property rights. The company is still jointly Thommen family owned, and it continues to produce watches of a very high standard.