Brand Directory: Nivada Grenchen

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Nivada was founded in Grenchen Switzerland as early as 1879, but officially 1926 appears to be its actual foundation as in 1976 they celebrated their 50th anniversary. In 1939, Nivada built up a business deal with the New York-based Croton Watch Company to enable them to import and distribute Nivada watches within the US. This successful partnership would last for many years. Nivada Grenchen was imported and sold in the US under a number of different brand names such as Croton Nivada, Croton Nivada Grenchen, and Croton.

During the 1960s and 70s, they were not allowed to use their Nivada name in the USA due to its phonetically sounding similar to Movado, so they used Nivada Grenchen instead. In 2018, two entrepreneurs in watchmaking, Guillaume Laidet, and Remi Chabrat, have decided to revive the Nivada brand with its original legacy.