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Robert Mühle born in June 1841 founded Muhle Glashutte Watch in April 1869.

The Mühle family can trace their family ALL THE WAY back to 1300.

Completing his apprenticeship as a precision toolmaker with Moritz Großmann, a watch manufacturer, they became the sole manufacturer of measuring instruments for watchmaking companies based in Glashütte and for the German School of Watchmaking.

Hans Mühle born in 1903 is Robert Mühle's grandson and he renamed the

company to “R. ``Mühle & Sohn” in July 1905.

From 1918 onwards, they produced speedometers, rev counters and car clocks.

In 1920 the company merged with a number of other Glashütte companies to form "Vereinigte Werke Glashütte/Sa." and continued to make precise measurement instruments.

During the great depression, many companies had to close down but R. Mühle & Sohn survived by diversifying with car clocks for lorries and motorcycles.

In 1945 Hans Muhle (third generation) renamed the company "Ing. Hans Mühle" and they quickly became the only manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments in East Germany.

In 1970 Hans Muhle passed away leaving the business to his son Hans-Jürgen Mühle, a qualified Engineer. Under Soviet control, the company for a second time was expropriated or state-owned and was known as Glashütte Precision Engineering

In 1980 they became part of the Glashütte Watchmaking Plants or GUB for short.

Finally in 1990 with the reunification of Germany Hans was able four years later to re-established the family company under the name of "Mühle-Glashütte GmbH."

Mühle-Glashütte's wristwatch production was started in 1996 after one of Germany’s shipyards asked them to produce a tough, water-resistant wristwatch

Thilo Mühle (fifth generation) joined the company in 2000 taking over the business in 2007 soon after they produced their first in-house Cal. MU 9408 movement.

In 2014 they celebrated their 145th Anniversary.

Today they are the only manufacturer in Glashütte that is still family-run.