Brand Directory: Montblanc

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The company was first founded in 1906 Montblanc’s writing instruments and leather goods became some of the world’s most premium and sought-after luxury gifts. The ‘Meisterstück’ fountain pen, released in 1924, became the brand’s most famous writing instrument.

In 1997 Montblanc Montre S. A. was established in Le Locle, Switzerland.

In 2006 Montblanc bought the Minerva watchmaking company based in Villeret and it was here that the brand created exceptionally high-horology wristwatches.

Montblanc has been creating Nicolas Rieussec chronographs in Le Locle since 2008. These stunning chronographs encapsulate an alternative way to read the time, with models that feature two rotating discs with static hands.

Since 2015 Davide Cerrato has been the managing director of their “watch division”. He brings with him experience from Panerai and Tudor where he was in charge of marketing design and product development.