Brand Directory: Marine Chronometer Company

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Marine Chronometer Company is based in Ealing, UK. The company was founded by Lorne Gifford with the help of his son Reuben. Lorne sadly passed away in 2019 he was a professional subsea engineer who worked on the most complex renewable energy and fossil fuel projects around the world. He always had a love of watches and modified many he owned before deciding to create his own watch brand, he designed, engineered and manufactured the watch in the UK, while Reuben deals with social media, marketing, supply and new product development. His designs use the Fibonacci ratio a sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. Found in nature the ratio creates perfectly proportioned geometric forms such as spirals found in flowers, and leaves, this leads to the Golden ratio (Greek letter "phi") used by artists and architects to create perfectly proportioned structures and balanced artwork.