Brand Directory: Lusina watch company

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Ferdynand (Fredek) Pamm founded a watch-fabrication plant in Genève, Switzerland. Producing hi-grade movements for many watch manufacturers. In 1917 he registered the company name A. Pamm Watches; Zurich, Switzerland. Over a number of years, Ferdynand registered various company names:

In 1922 he registered A. Pamm Vve. & Fils Watches; Zurich, Switzerland.

In 1923 he registered Vve. de A. Pamm & Fils Watches; Zurich, Switzerland.

In 1929 he registered Pamm Freres SARL Watches; Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1935 he registered Pamm Frères / Montres Lusina SARL Clocks, alarm clocks, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Lusina watch company introduced their ring watches at the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition. He again changed the company name to  Montres Lusina, S.a.r.l, in 1966. Lusina was run by the Pamm family until 1972 when the family suffered a fatal car accident on their way to France. It was soon after this that the company was sold to one of their clients in Iran. Lusina was soon closed.