Brand Directory: Leonidas

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Leonidas founded by Julien Bourquin in 1841 in the city of St.Imier. Leonidas’s name comes from the Greek King of Sparta, famously depicted in the 2006 Hollywood film 300. In 1912 Constant Jeanneret-Droz purchased the company. He was one of Jules FrĂ©dĂ©ric Jeanneret’s sons, founder of Excelsior Park, one of the world’s most outstanding chronograph manufacturers. Providing movements for Girard Perregaux, Gallet and Zenith and many others. During the war years, Leonidas supplied watches to the German, and Italian Armies. They merged with Heuer in 1962, producing for a short while under the name Heuer-Leonidas. Sadly in 1984 when Heuer was bought by TAG, the name Leonidas disappeared.