Brand Directory: Lemania

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Lemania was founded by watchmaker Alfred Lugrin in 1883. Specialising in high-quality chronographs, stopwatches and repeaters. Companies like Omega and Patek Philippe have used Lemania based movements. In 1932 they became members of the SSIH Group. In 1946 Albert Piquet developed the movement that became the Omega 321 which powered the first Speedmaster in 1957. Lemania's name comes from the French for Lake Geneva '' Lac Leman”. During the 1970s they developed the Cal 5100 which was used by Heuer. They broke away from the SSIH Group in 1981and changed its name to Nouvelle Lemania. In 1992 Lemania was bought by Breguet, who later in 1999 was acquired by the Swatch Group.