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It all began in 1822 in a town called Schwenningen Germany.  Johannes Schlenker made clocks under the Schlenker name. In 1883 Jakob Kienzle married into the Schlenker family, renaming the business SCHLENKER & KIENZLE. In 1897 Jakob became the sole owner and Kienzle was founded. Rolls Royce used their clocks from 1910 and in Germany, almost every car had a Kienzle clock in them. The legendary Kienzle 8 day Aviation clock was fitted to aircraft from 1932. In 1956 he made a series of automatic watches marketed as the “People's Automatic Watch”. In the 1970s they became the biggest wristwatch manufacturer in the Federal Republic of Germany. They have continued to grow and expand, founding Kienzle AG in 2002 in Hamburg. In 2008 they moved their operations to Kienzle House Hamburg.