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Junghans was founded in Schramberg, Germany by Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler in 1861. Originally named Junghans and Tobler their first watches were produced in 1866. Shortly afterwards Ernard passed away leaving the company to his wife and his two sons Erhard Jr and Arthur Junghans. Arthur spent a lot of time in America taking inspiration from there. The famous Junghans star Trademark started life as a 5 point star in 1888 then it was changed to an 8 point star in 1890. In 1903 Junghans was the world's largest watch factory producing an incredible 3 million watches a year. By  1930 they were producing their own movements. In 1956 they were taken over by the Diehl Group, producing in collaboration with the Swiss artist Max Bill, watches, wall clocks. During the Quartz revolution of the 1970s, they produced the first German quartz wristwatch, the Astro-Quartz.  Innovation has always been Junghans strength. In 2000 Junghans was taken over a second time by EganaGoldpfeil Holding. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well and in 2008 the company was sold to Hans Jochem Steim, a freeman of the city of Schramberg and his son Hannes Steim after the mayor of Schramberg asked if they would be interested in saving Junghans. The brand was split into two collections, Junghans and Max Bill. In 2011 they celebrated their 150th Anniversary.