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Swiss businessman Oliver Ike and designer Marc Newson founded IKEPOD in 1994. Marc Newson's designs have influenced modern watch innovation over the years, with his use of shape and function. Producing exclusive limited numbers and using Swiss movements, cases and dials. During the 1990s and early 2000s, they were very productive and financially secure or so they thought, unfortunately, due to the dot-com bubble bursting in a dramatic fashion they filed for bankruptcy in 2003. The company was sold to the Perficio Group, which was unable to produce a single watch and also filed for bankruptcy in 2005. The company tried again in 2008 to reform under Marc Newson but sadly he left IKEPOD in 2012 and the company dissolved into memory. During this period of inactivity, a group of watch enthusiasts and businessmen decided to once again raise IKEPOD from the ashes. Purchasing the brand in 2017 they quickly went to work to relaunch. Spending time in design and development producing prototypes, and finally deciding on two model lines. Taking the brand to Kickstarter to attract interest and well-needed funding. IKEPOD today makes their watches in Hong Kong. Using Miyota movements. Their designs are the creation of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore designer Emmanuel Gueit.