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In 1892 Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and began producing pocket watches. Their focus has always been to make accurate affordable timepieces. In 1914 they became an official supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces during WWI, they shifted production from pocket watches to the more convenient wristwatch. Admiral Richard E. Byrd became the first aviator to reach the North Pole in 1926, he circled it for 13 minutes before returning to his base. He timed this pioneering 15-hour and 57-minute flight using a Hamilton watch.

As soon as America joined the Allied forces in World War 2 they  stopped producing watches for consumers to focus on the enormous task of supplying the U.S. Armed Forces. They produced over one million timepieces including wristwatches and marine chronometers, even earning an Army-Navy E award for excellence in manufacturing. 

On May 16 1974 Hamilton was sold to SSIH, which is the previous name of what is now the Swatch Group. They remained in the US until 2003 when they transferred their operation to  Biel, Switzerland. From this date forward they were able to put on their Swiss made dials.


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