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Eska was founded in 1918 by Mr Silvan Kocher senior and his son Erwin. Their workshop S.Kocher & Co was built in his home village of Selzach which is in the German part of Switzerland. The name is a phonetic abbreviation of Silvan Kocher ES & KA. In 1929 they expanded into Brazil and the USA. Due to this success, they moved their operations to Grenchen Switzerland in 1937. Sadly in 1947, Silvan senior passed away leaving the business to his 4 sons. The business continued to thrive, they were well known for making fine, distinctive and sometimes extremely thin pieces using, for example, white gold during the 60s,70s and early 80s, developing their market share in the US, Asia, Brazil and Australia. During this period Walter Kocher founded Royce watches primarily made for the US market. A sought after Eska is the "Amphibian 600," from the 1960s Roy Rogers singer, actor and TV host, was known and photographed wearing one; it has an unusually large 46 mm Bakelite bezel, and an Eska cal.600 automatic movement, it was also used by the French Navy. In 1987 Eska closed, but in 2019 celebrating 100 years since its foundation the company was reformed and introduced a number of fresh new designs.


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