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In 1914 founder Ariste Racine reversed his last name to create the brand “Enicar”. Their headquarters was in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. Producing high-quality timepieces, his readable pocket watches were commonly used by European soldiers and railway crews during WWI.  A new factory was built in 1930 in Bienne, Switzerland. In 1951 Enicar designed the Sherpa jet watches, which were supplied to the US Air Force during WWII. After the war, the Sherpa Collection entered the Asian market offering both advanced complications used in aviation and mountaineering. The 1956 Swiss Expedition conquered the summit of Mount Everest, equipped with Enicar chronometers. A member of the team, Ernst Reiss, praised the watch for its exceptional precision in extreme weather conditions. In 2014 Enicar celebrated its 100th year anniversary.