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Paul Hasler founded DAVOSA Watches in 1881. Situated in the Swiss Jura hills between Geneva and Basel they began specialising in watch assembly for many brands. Their motif is a stylised compass rose, a historical nautical symbol. In 1946 with the help of his brother David Hasler they started to produce their own movements and watches for the American market. Success continued throughout Europe and in 1974 they changed the company name to Hasler & Co. S.A. During the quartz crisis, they embraced the technology of producing quartz watches from 1975. As the demand for mechanical watches began to rise in 1987 they created a collection of chronographs with Valjoux 7750 and 7751 movements under the DAVOSA brand. In 1998, they presented their collection to Basel World for the first time. During the 2000s they continued to innovate and introduced a pilot watch celebrating 100yrs of the Wright brothers. In 2013 their Argonautic Dual time was attached to a special balloon which rose to 35,000 feet returning to earth completely functioning. They moved their head office to Herford in Germany in 2020. They were celebrating 140 years of watchmaking in 2021.