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Citizen founded the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918. The name originates from a pocket watch it produced in 1924. The Mayor of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto, named the watch "CITIZEN", in the hopes the watch would become a worldwide success. In 1930 the name Citizen Watch Company was introduced. In 1959, Citizen launched Japan’s first fully waterproof watch, the Parawater. During the “quartz crisis” they developed the Eco-Drive movement in 1976. This was one of the first solar-powered watches on the market. Continuing to innovate and expand their reach In 1993, Citizen introduced the world’s first multi-band atomic watch. It uses the Atomic clocks around the world to synchronise to within two nanoseconds per day. Citizen makes the cases, the dial, the hands, the movement in their Iida factory in Japan. 

Today the Citizen Group owns brands such as Alpina, Arnold & Son.


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