Brand Directory: Casio Computer Co Ltd

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Casio Computer Co Ltd was founded by Kashio Tadao in 1946. Based in the town of Mitaka, Tokyo. In 1974 they released their first wristwatch, the Casiotron with its unique ability to calculate the number of days in a month. In 1984 they established the GShock line with the GShock DW5000C their first shock-resistant watch. The company was turning over 80.6 million yens (£523700.30) at this time.

1994 saw the release of the Baby GShock for women. Later in 1999, they released the world's first GPS watch. 2008 was the year that Casio released the GShock Riseman, the world's first 6 multi-band radio-controlled watch. Casio today continues to innovate and expand its wristwatch range using the latest technology to bring value and robust design.