Brand Directory: Buren Watch Company

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Buren Watch Company was founded in 1898 in the Swiss town of Buren an der Aare, Bern Switzerland. Owned by H.Williamson Ltd from 1916 they used Buren Watch.Co on their timepieces.  During the 1929  stock market crash the company closed and was bought out by English and Swiss management who changed the name to Uhrenfabrik Buren AG. In 1966 the company was sold to the Hamilton Watch Company. Hamilton production was moved to Switzerland from the US. The Buren/Hamilton company then became part of the SSIH Group in 1971 later in 1983 becoming the Swatch Group. Sadly in 1972 Buren was sold with all assets. Today the brand name is owned by the Swiss Watches Editions in Hamburg manufacturing timepieces using old movements and ETA.


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