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Bremont was founded in 2002 by the brothers Nick and Giles English. Their watch designs are inspired by their love of flying and everything mechanical. During the 1990s while flying their 1930s biplane over France they got into trouble and had to land in a field. Not wishing to get the authorities involved, they were met by the farm owner who gave them and the plane shelter, it turned out he had flown during the war and was an engineer. The brothers, grateful to the kind farmer, promised him they would never forget him, his name was Antoine Bremont.

In 1995 they were involved in an accident and sadly lost their father Dr Euan English while flying their World War II-vintage Harvard aircraft. His loss and their injuries drove the brothers to create a fitting legacy.

Moving into their Manufacturing & Technology Centre in 2021. Innovation and producing technologically advanced timepieces has been an ever-expanding experience for Bremont. 

Their military connections through special edition watches and tireless work with Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion means their late fathers' legacy will continue to grow.