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In 1797 Edouard Bovet was born in Fleurier. He became a master-watchmaker.

In 1822 The House of BOVET, a family business, was registered on May 1st, in London. BOVET became renowned for its exceptional level of decorations and chronometry. Edouard Bovet is believed to be the founder of the transparent case-back.

In 2001 Pascal Raffy, a passionate collector of Haute Horology became the sole owner of BOVET Fleurier SA.

BOVET launched the Virtuoso II Caliber in 2014, the first movement not regulated by a tourbillon to be entirely developed and handcrafted in-house.

In 2006 Pascal Raffy bought the Castle of Môtiers, seen as a historical monument, from the State of Neuchâtel, and set up their first BOVET assembly workshop.

Pascal Raffy unveiled in 2015 two historical timepieces exclusively handcrafted: the stunning Braveheart®, which has 6 patents and an impressive 22-day power reserve, and the 19Thirty designed in admiration of their pocket watches created by the Bovet family in the 1930s.


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