Brand Directory: Bamford Watch Company

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The Bamford Watch Company was founded by George Bamford in 2016, based in Mayfair London. They are famous for personalising and customising watches which all began when George had his Rolex Datejust DLC coated which was seen by many while in France and he returned with 25 people wanting the same process done to their watches, hence Bamford Watch Company was created. In 2017  Jean Claude Biver who was head of LVMH at the time saw the potential of offering their Bvlgari, Zenith and TAG Heuer customers this distinctive customisation without voiding any warranty and Bamford became their official customiser. Since then many brands have seen the same potential and successful collaborations have resulted. Due to this success, Bamford now offers its own line of watches including the Mayfair and GMT models including Limited Editions.