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In 1962, Aquastar was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Mr. Frédéric Robert. With his expertise as a diver, sailor, pilot, mathematician, and watchmaker, he took over his father's brand JeanRichardŸ and changed the name to Aquastar to reflect his vision of producing professional-grade instruments for divers and aquatic activities.

Thanks to the brilliant Marc Jasinski, Aquastar received numerous patents within a decade of its establishment. Each patent served as a catalyst for the creation of a new member of the Aquastar family, such as the multiple dive decompression bezel in the Deepstar, and the inner rotating bezel in the model 63. Additionally, the new crown sealing system and friction bezel ring were integrated into every Aquastar, as well as the regatta counter watches.

In 1974, Frédéric Robert retired from Aquastar, and the following year, the Eren Group of Geneva acquired the company. Under the new ownership, Aquastar adopted a fresh perspective and began manufacturing dive and sports watches for the mass market. These timepieces were made available through retail channels until 1982.