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The story begins in 1883 Gottlieb Hauser was an independent watchmaker in Switzerland. He had an idea, to create a union of members all being fellow watchmakers in Switzerland who could then share parts, materials and ideas collectively. He founded the “Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation”. This group of Swiss watchmakers became known as the “Alpinists”.

The Alpina Watch logo was inspired by the Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland it is one of the highest summits in Europe

In 1901, The Alpina union celebrated its 25th Anniversary and the trademark “Alpina” was registered and appeared for the first time on high-end calibres and watches produced by Gottlieb Hauser.

In 1913 Alpina watches became the supplier for Chronometers for the German Navy which grew to over 810,000 personnel at its peak in 1944.

In 1921 the Alpina watches brand became a renowned manufacturer and supplier for time instruments for military pilots and started manufacturer of the legendary pilot’s legs watch.

In 1926 Alpina watches became the first watch brand to introduce the international watch guarantee. In 1969 Seiko released the world's first commercial quartz wristwatch and the ‘Quartz Crisis’ began. Alpina reduced its company right back into Switzerland and Germany. It is sold to these two countries' markets only. Frederique Constant brought Alpina and allowed them to carry on production from their factory.

In 2016 Citizen Watch Co., Ltd acquired the Frédérique Constant Group. 

Citizen Group continued to grow its brand acquisitions already owning Bulova as well as Swiss movement manufacturer La Joux-Perret SA that includes Arnold & Son under La Joux-Perret.

2007 Swatch and Tiffany & Co. announced a partnership to develop and sell timepieces.

2011 Court cases follow and Tiffany takes its watchmaking in-housE

November 24, 2019, LVMH group acquires Tiffany & Co.for a whopping $16.2 billion