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Initially conceived by the Dodane family in 1934 Montres Airain became famous for reliable high-quality chronograph and dive watches. They also founded its sister brand Lebois & Co. Creating the first watch factory on the Swiss border of France in 1897. Today Dodane is still making watches.

Airain was selected by the French Air Force during the 1950s and 1960s to create an accurate timepiece; other brands were also tasked with the same such as Breguet, Tissot, Dodane, Auricoste and Vixa. As a result of this influx of design and development, the Type 20 and Type 21 Chronograph with its “fly-back” function was born. The Airain Type 20 was used by French Army Helicopter pilots and civilians. After such success, the contract with the military ceased and the quartz revolution began sadly the brand disappeared by the 1990s that was until Tom van Wijlick a Dutch entrepreneur and avid watch collector and his wife revived the sister brand Lebois & Co in 2014 always wishing to bring together the two brands once more this was achieved in 2020 when they acquired the rights for Airain after talking with the French owners family. Now the two brands live under Compagnie des Montres Lebois & Cie just as it was in 1934.

The first task was to reintroduce the famous Airain Type 20 chronograph.