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In 1946, from St John Street in London's Clerkenwell district, which we can see from out our office window in Clerkenwell. Asher and Rebecca Loftus established Accurist. Their watches were made entirely from Swiss components; that guaranteed quality, which coupled with competitive pricing helped establish their reputation for value. Innovation was important to them such as the introduction of the Accurist 21 Jewels; this was the first watch to promote the 21 Jewel lever movement and to promote this fact they also became the first watch company to use television for their advertising campaign. Richard Loftus, soon after finishing University, created a range of watches that revolutionized the watch market worldwide. Soon Accurist's watches were seen on the wrists of the famous and fashionable: with the likes of Princess Anne, The Beatles, and Twiggy wearing them. Their large brightly coloured watches became as famous as the mini skirt, Carnaby Street, and London in the swinging '60s.

Bought by Time Products who own Sekonda  set for a relaunch in 2022.


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