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  • The Man with the “Red Book” of SECRET NATO Codes & His Tudor

    Chris sent a screenshot from Google after searching “Ringsell Uganda Diplomat”, he then found an article posted on August 20th, 2003 in the Daily Monitor titled “Amin ‘stole’ NATO Codes”… I began to read this article and that is when I realised this was a lot more than just a gift to a gentleman named “J. Ringsell”, this was presented to a gentleman with a remarkably interesting story! And that is when the hunting began!
  • Unscripted Podcast - WatchChronicler discussing Underrated Used Watches, Rolex Trends and More!

    After having a great conversation with Armand at a recent watch event he mentioned having me on as a guest on his podcast, I was more than happy to join! You can give the podcast a listen by following the link below

  • Seiko 5 Sports Black - SRPD79K1 - Seiko “5KX” Unboxing & First Impressions

    The all-new, all black, all awesome, Seiko 5 Sports SRPD79K1! Or as the collectors are calling it, the "5KX", I disagree, this isn't competing to replace the SKX! Give this a read to hear why in this "Unboxing & First Impressions"!
  • In-Depth Review - D1 Milano Ultra Thin Blue UTBJ03

    Obviously, like everyone else, I immediately got the Gerald Genta vibe. A real design marriage of the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet and the Nautilus by Patek Philippe, but at under £300 is there anything wrong with that? That is what we will look at in this review.
  • In-Depth Review - Bulova Lunar Pilot 96B251

    It was on August 2nd, 1971 when Bulova would be walking on the Moon. But you say “I thought Omega Speedmaster was the only NASA Approved Watch” and you'd be right but under NASA’s own rules and regulations many of the Timing instruments were made by Bulova. The 46 missions and Lunar landings all used them. Therefore Bulova presented Commander Scott of Apollo 15 a Bulova prototype which met all of the NASA requirements and passed the G-Force tests etc but was overshadowed by the Omega as the first choice of Time device, without telling anyone he brought it on board with him. 

    “Huston we have a problem”

  • In-Depth Review - 5 Months Owning the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

    The perfect field watch for under £500? The perfect field watch full stop. Let's take a look and go In-Depth with the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical - Reference H69439531
  • Unboxing & First Impressions - Seiko “Save The Ocean” Special Edition Turtle SRPD21K1

    An Unboxing & First Impressions of the Seiko "Save The Ocean" Special Edition Turtle SRPD21K1! Will this be the Seiko that sticks in my collection or will it make its way to sale like the rest have? Time will tell...
  • New Website – New Year – Same KibbleWatches!

    Happy New Year everyone! And what a year 2019 has been, many ups, many downs, many changes, but overall has led to progressing me personally and this business further into what I could have only dreamt it would become all those years ago when I first began!