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Omega Seamaster Automatic...

The Watch

Ever wanted to feel like James Bond? I mean who hasnt?! This is the exact watch Pierce Brosnan wore, well almost! He wore the quartz version whereas this is the automatic, which for the watch nerds out there will be a nicer tough! This watch is starting to develop some lovely patina with the lume going a creamy colour and red tip second hand beginning to fade, I wonder how long until the blue bezel begins to fade and go into that lovely light blue colour!

Points of Mention

This watch is sold as watch only and therefore comes with no box or paperwork, the watch was serviced in 2017 and is running well. The watch comes with spare links. Whilst pre-owned and signs of wear can be seen it is nothing to major. 

Personal Note

Whilst I am a Seamaster fan I always found the Helium Escape screw a bit of an eye soar, though after a just a little while on wrist I realised I didnt mind it at all! This watch has complete changed my mind on the Seamaster.

Omega Speedmaster Reduced...

The Watch

The Speedmaster "Reduced" as it is often called is the 39mm and automatic variation of the traditional Speedmaster Professional. The reference we have here, 175.0043, features a very attractive black dial with white sub dials, date placed at 3o'clock with a left sided 3 chronograph layout. The watch also has a stainless steel tachymetric scale bezel and pump pushers, it has all the classics of a beautiful vintage chronograph with the reassurance of something a little more modern, also with the price tag of something reasonable!

I personally owned a Speedmaster Reduced and it was a brilliant watch, I do not double you will see another one appear on my wrist soon and I wouldn't be surprised if it was this reference. I absolute love the dial and the overall look of this on the wrist!

Points of Mention

This watch is being sold a used watch from 1994, therefore signs of wear may be seen. Overall however it is in good condition and comes from one owner, it does feature its original box and cosc card, however guarantee card has been lost. The watch was serviced in 2017 and is running well.

Personal Note

Automatic, panda dial, one of the most respected Swiss brands outside of Rolex, great condition and running well... And if I was to say that was under £2000, would you believe me? Crazy how these are still so "affordable" in the grand scheme of things! Don't hang about with this one.

Tudor Black Bay ETA - 79220N

The Watch

It is no secret that I have a lot of love and admiration for Tudor, this watch really brought them back into the market and started everything we now love in Tudor. It is amazing how far they have come in such a short time. Plus there is something very cool about knowing that they will never be making another of these watches again, sure they have the "New & Upgraded" version which is truly new and upgraded, but I mean who doesn't love a classic?

Points of Mention

This was is being sold as watch only, no box, papers or spare links. It will currently fit up to a 6 1/4inch wrist. The watch is showing signs of age and wear, scratches throughout and marks towards the clasp. The watch is running well though has no service history.

Personal Note

It is no secret these have been climbing and I suspect we will not see that slow down anytime soon! I think this is a great example of one that can be found for a decent price and with a service and clean up will be like brand new for any collector out there!

1974 CWC British Royal Navy...

The Watch

This 1974 CWC was assigned to the British Royal Navy, specifically the Fleet Air Arm which is one of five arms of the Royal Navy. This is one of those watches that if watches could speak we would all be in for an incredibly long and interesting night, the stores it could tell would be powerful. On wrist you really get a sense of utilitarianism, coming in at 39mm with a very legible dial, a solid case design and paired on a NATO... You can't help but feel a sense of power with this on the wrist.

CWC has been providing the military with watches for many years and as you can imagine not many survive the day to day life of a military person, therefore for us to have an example of this watch is something quite special. We are honoured to offer this for sale and we have confidence that whomever buys this, they will enjoy it as much as we have.

Points of Mention

This watch was serviced in 2018 and is running well. The case and crystal are in unpolished condition and therefore signs of age and use can be seen. Some of the luminescent material on the dial has begun to fade away and even fall off, none of it is loose in the dial or movement. The running seconds hand in the subsidiary dial at 9o'clock has been replaced with a stainless steel arrow hand.

Personal Note

It is no secret I am a huge fan of CWC and military watches, it is also no secret I am not a fan of NATO straps... BUT, I seriously enjoyed wearing this watch and switching out NATO strap... I think a military watch may change my mind on them! I believe this is a truly great buy, so much history packed into such a small object.

Seiko MarineMaster MM300...

The Watch

The easy competitor to any Swiss Dive Watch? This MM300 features an amazing Monobloc case which is finished to a Grand Seiko standard, the weight is impressive both on and off the wrist. The dial features a lovely jet black colour that matches the bezel perfectly, whilst quite thick and bulky it's design allows it to hug the wrist well regardless of wrist size. Inside is the ever-reliable 8L35 which features a 50 hour power-reserve and runs flawlessly. The bracelet is finished to an incredibly high standard and the clasp gives the feel of a true dive watch.

This being part of the Prospex line means it is a real tool watch for divers, this reference doesn't have the logo on the dial which will be a big plus to most out there. The crystal features an inner dome and lots of AR coating, this makes for easily legibility at all times and under all lighting.

Points of Mention

This is a used watch, however it is in incredible condition. It comes with it's full box & papers, plus all the extras like Rubber Strap and Hand Tag. All spare links are provided.

Personal Note

Whilst I am certainly a small watch guy and on paper I would steer VERY far away from a 44mm case with a 15mm thickness I do have to say I am always amazed by the way Seiko manages to make these huge watches so comfortable and conform to the wrist better than some brands make 40mm watches fit! If you're in the market for a serious diver with all the bells and whistles but want to venture away from the typical Swiss names we all know, I can easily recommend this and I believe you'll be just as amazed as me.

1987 Rolex Date 15505

Do you love the idea of a Gold Rolex but have a mini heart attack every time you see the price? You're not alone and thankfully the 15505 can offer you the true and honest look of a Gold Rolex which actually being gold plated, thankfully it is a hefty and thick gold plate too! This watch is 31 years old and definitely has been worn within those years, but the case is holding up incredibly well as you can see by the photos! I would say there is easily an entire lifetime of wear left in this case yet before any steel begins to be visible.

This reference has the champagne dial which pairs perfectly with the gold tone of the case, condition of this one is all original and untouched! I would say look no further and treat yourself to a gold Rolex for less than most steel Rolex's today!

Sinn 103 A Sa B - 376/500

In 2015 Sinn released this incredible Sinn 103 in blue with an incredible exhibition caseback, with only 500 produced it sold out quickly and has been desirable by collectors since! I am grateful to be able to bring you one in very good condition with it's full set, I do not doubt this will go quick, especially considering we are pricing very fair for what you are getting! I wouldn't hang about on this one. If you are into nice Chronograph and like Sinn it would be a sin to not get this, ha see what I did there?! Okay... I'll see myself out.

DOXA SUB 300T "Silver Lung"...

BRAND NEW, WRAPPED AND SEXY! This is one very special limited edition watch from DOXA, the Searambler 300T "Silver Lung", this is the much anticipated watch to follow suit from the "Black Lung" they released in 2017! This, just like the "Black Lung" sold insanely fast and left a LOT of people wanting one. The "Silver Lung" is designed in collaboration with the dive gear manufacturer Aqua Lung. This is a vintage inspired piece to their watch from 1967 and was released to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of that incredible collaboration! Not only that but this is a celebration of Aqua Lung's 75th Anniversary! So lot's to celebrate in this watch that is limited to 300!

The wrap sticker was taken off to photograph the watch for your viewing pleasure, but be reassured it was put immediately back on and put away! This is one hell of a watch and feels absolutely incredible in hand, the finishing is superb and high quality! Overall I'm VERY impressed! I have no doubt there was a LOT of people who missed out on the opportunity to get one of these, I am very happy to be able to offer you that same change to get yourself the watch in untouched condition! Don't hesitate with this one, of the 300 I highly doubt any others will pop up and if they do they certainly won't be brand new!

Omega Speedmaster Reduced...

If you are in the market for an Omega Speedmaster and maybe don't have the full funds for the Professional, or like myself, just prefer the size of this "Reduced" model at 39mm, then this is the perfect watch for you! This watch features a lovely Panda dial, it is coming up to the age of starting to get patina, so the white markers and luminous material is beginning to go to a lovely eggshell colour!

This watch is being sold in great condition and comes not only with it's original full length bracelet but also a very nice Tropic Rubber Strap (RRP £50)! Included in the box is the original leather wallet that would hold the cards, inside the wallet is the COSC card. The original owner had the watch serviced in August 2017, the original guarantee card is with that paperwork which he has lost. So it is being sold without them, but if they get found they will be provided free of charge.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay...

Who doesn't like Tudor? Especially this watch! You get all the essence and heritage of the Black Bay but in a Bronze case, it is truly unique and for something like this to come from a brand that is so closely related to Rolex is just awesome! The movement inside is the MT5601 COSC which is a real work horse! This is an overall great package for someone wanting a great watch that is unique in the fact that it is Bronze... And Bronze is certainly still hot!

1963 18K Gold JLC

I feel very honoured to be able to offer a Jeager-Le Coultre for sale on the website, this isn't any JLC either! This is a beautiful 18K Yellow Gold JLC from 1963 powered by the Cal. 800/C and the entire watch coming in at 9mm thick and as the caseback states it was also Patent Pending! The watch is paired on a Crocodile by JB Champion and looks incredible again the gold case and crisp white dial, wears perfectly on the wrist and being 34mm it makes for the most perfect dress watch! And it is a watch that those who know, will definitely know!

The long  and elegant lugs allow for a great wrist presence and add to the clean aesthetic. If you are looking for the perfect dress watch I would very easily say look no further! 

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