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  • Case Size: 43mm

Bremont Martin-Baker MBII

The Watch

"Martin-Baker is a British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s air-forces with fighter ejection seat technology. They first approached Bremont to create the definitive aviation watch in 2007/08. More than simply putting a logo on an existing model, the watch had to withstand the same rigorous testing programme as the ejector seats themselves. Two years later, the Bremont MB range was born. The limited edition Bremont MBI was solely for pilots who had ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker seat. This rather select group includes US congressmen and senators, CEOs of leading FTSE and Dow companies, and the chiefs of six air forces around the world (the one exception is a major Hollywood star who tracked down and persuaded an ejectee to buy a watch on his behalf). While the MBI is reserved for the few, the MBII is available to all and has become a Bremont best seller." And that's straight from their website! Sums it up perfectly!

Points of Mention

This watch is sold as a complete set and comes with its original box, papers, cosc card and a few little extras! The watch is pre-owned but still in good condition and has a small amount of manufacture warranty left!

Personal Note

Having worked with Bremont at retail for a few years I can safely say my appriciation for the brand and what they are trying to achieve for watch making in the UK is great and I wish them nothing but the best! This MBII is a perfect example of their ability to make truly great watches!

1981 Seiko Turtle

The Watch

The Seiko turtle is an iconic watch among watch collectors, the case ergonomics still amaze me! Whilst you look at the dimensions on paper you may think it's a large watch, but how that cushion case sits on the wrist is something special. This is the reference 6309-7040, dating to 1981. The dial, hands and bezel insert are replacements. You still get that vintage feeling with this watch and all the charm that comes with a vintage dive watch.

Points of Mention

This reference does have replacement hands, dial and bezel insert. The watch comes with no box or paperwork. The watch is currently running but has no service history.

Personal Note

Whilst most of the watch has been replaced it is still a nice looking Turtle and for the price you really cannot go wrong. I have always been a fan of the Seiko turtle and I hope to add a true vintage reference to the personal collection one day.

Bell & Ross Desert Type -...

The Watch

Bell & Ross are famous for their square watches, but occasionally they release watches like this. It is near impossible to find this reference today, being the "Desert Type" & Limited to 999 pieces. The watch features a sandy colour that translates over to the strap paired on the watch, this colour combination is surprisingly versatile with nearly everything. Whilst a large watch at 43mm and fairly thick too it wears so well on the wrist, that is due to the way the lugs curve down but also how the caseback sinks into the wrist.

Points of Mention

The watch comes with it's original box and guarantee card. 2 extra Bell & Roll leather straps will be provided too with the one buckle currently on the strap. This is a limited edition model from 2011 to 999 pieces, this is number 126. The watch is in good condition and running okay, however we have no service history. 

Personal Note

Whilst Bell & Ross are most known for their square watches, I am personally not a fan of them and how they wear on my small wrist. Which is why I am so glad they stray from the square occasionally to provide something as lovely as this! When I first saw a photo of this watch I wasn't too impressed, when it arrived I couldn't take it off! Whilst large it wore perfectly, looked great and overall incredibly versatile. It's a watch I would consider adding to the personal collection one day!

Bremont ALT1-WT

Finally we have our first, definitely not last, Bremont in the store! This is the awesome looking ALT1-WT in white! On this wrist this has some serious presence in both size but also weight, it is definitely wearable even on my smaller wrist, but you sure know you are wearing it! I think Bremont is one of those brands to watch out for, they are constantly providing better watches and this is an incredible one, at it's price when you compare it to the competition Bremont blow them all out of the water in regards to value, but also build quality! If you have not read up on Bremont on a brand but also their build quality, I would highly recommend you get over to their website now and get reading!

Oris Aquis Black

Here I am being able to bring you all another great Oris for another great price! This time we have the Oris Aquis date in black with orange highlights! I am not one for all black watches but I have to say after wearing this one for the whole day it seriously grew on me, to the point where I now want an all black watch in the collection at some point! With this watch you get the tried and true quality that a Oris brings, but also unique design that is unmistakable in the world of the watches. The only notable mark is the scratch on the clasp, otherthan that this watch is in good used condition!

Again Oris bring insane value for money and on the grey market it becomes just silly how much watch you can get for the price! Pick this one up quick.

Pinion Revival 1969 9/100

Where to begin with this awesome watch! First place for me is the movement, now Pinion have gone above and beyond for this Chronograph, they could have gone and put any old generic chronograph movement that is readily available on the market in their 1969, but they didn't! They went and sourced New Old Stock Valjoux 7734 movements to put in this epic watch, they also smoked out the glass which just adds a cool effect when looking at the movement!

Next has to be that dial, again Pinion really hit it out of the park again! You have this deep and rich black dial with highlights of blue, that subtle but quickly noticeable detail really bring this watch to life on and off the wrist. Limited to only 100 and this being a very early number 9! Get it quick.

HELM Vanuatu Black Bracelet

I have sold a few of these HELM Vanuatu and this is my personal one that is now coming to sale, I've truly enjoyed my time with it and always astonished by the build quality when I put it on! If you told me this watch was £1000 I could honestly believe it, I suspect you'll feel the same way once you get one on your wrist! Just check the reviews of it online, it's insane!

Currently HELM have none left in stock and they are expecting more in January/February next year! So here is a great chance to buy one here in the UK for less than retail and without import tax, whilst still in AMAZING condition, see the photos! The watch honestly still looks as good as new!

DOXA SUB 300T "Silver Lung"...

BRAND NEW, WRAPPED AND SEXY! This is one very special limited edition watch from DOXA, the Searambler 300T "Silver Lung", this is the much anticipated watch to follow suit from the "Black Lung" they released in 2017! This, just like the "Black Lung" sold insanely fast and left a LOT of people wanting one. The "Silver Lung" is designed in collaboration with the dive gear manufacturer Aqua Lung. This is a vintage inspired piece to their watch from 1967 and was released to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of that incredible collaboration! Not only that but this is a celebration of Aqua Lung's 75th Anniversary! So lot's to celebrate in this watch that is limited to 300!

The wrap sticker was taken off to photograph the watch for your viewing pleasure, but be reassured it was put immediately back on and put away! This is one hell of a watch and feels absolutely incredible in hand, the finishing is superb and high quality! Overall I'm VERY impressed! I have no doubt there was a LOT of people who missed out on the opportunity to get one of these, I am very happy to be able to offer you that same change to get yourself the watch in untouched condition! Don't hesitate with this one, of the 300 I highly doubt any others will pop up and if they do they certainly won't be brand new!

Citizen Eco-Drive World...

How about a watch from a brand that started it all for me! Citizen started this whole obsession and still manages to intrigue me with their watches to this day, this is certainly one of them! I know I talk about value a lot, but it is because it's one thing I pride myself on finding for you! This offers a lot of watch for the money.

This is a Citizen Eco Drive with a lot of features, like so many that I can't even explain them all! Please go see online for the details ;) It has one of the nicest white dials I have seen, paired with beautiful blued hands that are sharp and catch the light so well! If you are looking for a watch that you can wear whenever without having to worry but want to still look amazing, this is that watch hands down!

Tudor Heritage Black Bay...

Who doesn't like Tudor? Especially this watch! You get all the essence and heritage of the Black Bay but in a Bronze case, it is truly unique and for something like this to come from a brand that is so closely related to Rolex is just awesome! The movement inside is the MT5601 COSC which is a real work horse! This is an overall great package for someone wanting a great watch that is unique in the fact that it is Bronze... And Bronze is certainly still hot!

Seiko SKX007J

There isn't anything more I can say that hasn't already been said about the SKX! I am happy to bring you one of the classics, the SKX007J, J meaning it is the Japanese Domestic Market edition rather than the Malaysian. The watch is a full set and comes on the great rubber strap and is in good condition! The SKX has become one of those watches that if anyone ever asks "I have a few hundred pounds to spend on watches, what should I get?", almost always a SKX will be in that reply! It's a great watch for those starting out, those a few watches into their journey or even that guy with it all!

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M

This is the best looking modern Aquaracer in my opinion! The directional lines that can be found on the white dial and also on the black rubber bezel, the bold black outline of the hands and indices, the raised numerals on the bezel, the pop of orange on the second hand, the date at 9 o'clock... I could really go on! I also think the value is incredible, the watch is powered by the Calibre 5 which is a classic automatic movement that can be viewed through the caseback, All of that and a full set, what's not to like?!

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