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1979 Rolex Datejust 16030 Blue

The Watch

A blue dial Rolex alone is always a time to get excited, but a sharp reference 16030 with its original blue dial is worth shouting about! Even down to the bracelet the watch is sharp, it has to be one of the least stretched Jubilee bracelets I have seen! This watch also comes with its original box and booklets, spare links are provided too.

The datejust is a design that truly has stood the test of time and I think will continue to do so forever. It’s timeless and simple without being too unnoticeable, it has just that perfect balance. Plus… There is a little something about having that iconic crown on your wrist, whether we like to admit it or not, it feels damn good!

Points of Mention

This watch is sold with its original box and booklets, but no paperwork is provided. The watch comes with it's original spare links too. Overall the watch is in excellent condition, without even considering the age! The blue dial is starting to fade slighly and around the lume dots on the dial it is starting to fade more which is common for these blue dials.

Personal Note

If I was going to treat myself to a datejust it would be a blue dial without question, the overall design is incredible but the blue makes it stand out and being that little bit different to the rest of the datejust's out there. Also who doesn't love a 36mm that wears perfectly on the wrist? Comfort and you'll look incredible!

Rolex Submariner No-Date -...

The Watch

The Rolex Submariner was first introduces in 1953 with the first "Date" model, the infamous 1680, being introduced 1966! There you could argue this reference 114060 is the most true to the original Submariner as it features no date! Either way it is the Submariner I think everyone can get behind as the conversation of whether you like the Cyclops or not doesn't even have to cross the mind, the symmetry of this watch is a work of art!

Points of Mention

This is a used Rolex being sold in good condition, has some signs of wear on the polished parts of the case with some scratches to the clasp and bracelet. The watch is being sold as a complete set with the bezel protector still, it is still also in warranty. 

Personal Note

The perfect modern Submariner? I think so! Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who hate the cyclops, it really doesn't bother me! But I just think the watch looks so perfectly proportioned without it, it really makes it feel like the "Tool" it was intended to be.

Rolex Explorer 2 - 216570

The Watch

This Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570, is a very faithful tribute to the original Rolex Explorer II, reference 1655, but with a white polar dial as opposed to the black dial of the famously nickname "Steve McQueen". This watch divides some of the purists as it comes in at 42mm and I am someone who used to agree with that crowd, though after having the watch on wrist and giving it a real chance I have to say the oyster case allows for insanely comfortable wrist time and that extra size very quickly goes unnoticeable! 

Points of Mention

This is a used watch being sold in good condition with very few signs of wear, few hairline scratches and some marks to a few links. The watch is being sold as a complete set with spare links, you cannot go wrong with a set like this!

Personal Note

This watch came in and sold before we even had the chance to finish all the photos! I suspect there are a lot of people kicking themselves for not snatching this one when they had a chance, this is why we stress the importance of following us on Instagram! We often offer watches a few days earlier there for people to buy!

1968 Rolex Date 1501

The Watch

There is something special about a 34mm oyster case, whilst on paper you would 34mm may be too small, in reality it wears much larger than the mm size may suggest! This case provides one of the most comfortable wearing experiences in my opinion. The reference 1501 features the inconic engine turned bezel, giving it something more than a traditional smooth bezel and less than a reflective fluted bezel, it is the perfect in-between, the kind of watch you could wear daily and it would go unnoticed!

This wonderful example comes with it's original papers and a spare link, the condition of this is very good as you can see from the photos! I think if you are in the market for a 34mm Rolex then look no further, even if you was only considering a 36mm I would say you have to put one of these on your wrist and realise how perfect it is!

Points of Mention

This watch comes with a bracelet that will fit up to a 7 1/4inch wrist. Original paperwork including the original COSC certificate, rare to find all this together after all this time! The watch comes with no box. No service history provided though the watch winds smoothly, functions work and it runs well!

Personal Note

A 34mm Rolex will certainly be added to the personal collection at some point, smaller watches are definitely my preference and this fits right in with that! The condition of this is very good and what it comes with is just a bonus, don't hang about on this one!

1962 Rolex Datejust...

The Watch

The Rolex 1601 is one of our favourite vintage references from the brand, it is everything we know and love about Rolex but in a more subtle and understated package compared to their sport models. This early reference features a beautifully patina'd eggshell dial with applied gold indices and gold dauphine hands, these contrast perfectly against the dial. The iconic 18k yellow gold bezel against the steel oyster case makes for an incredible wearing experience, plus the case features drilled lug holes which makes changing straps convenient and fun, with a watch like this you will want to be experimenting with many straps.

Points of Mention

The dial does have patina as you can see from the photo. The watch has been professionally polished in the past and still has it's sharp edges without being too soft like we often see with polished oyster cases. The crown screws down nicely and winds smoothly, the watch was serviced in 2018 and is still running well. The watch is paired on a black leather strap with gold tone buckle.

Personal Note

I really love this reference, but this variation of the reference is one of my favourite. You get that classic datejust look whilst being even more subtle, sometimes sport Rolex models can be too loud on the wrist, this sits beautifully on the wrist being 36mm but also that pop of gold is just enough to make it nice and interesting still. If I was to get myself a datejust it would be this variant of the reference for sure. 

1982 Rolex Oyster Perpetual...

The Watch

There is something special about a 34mm oyster case on wrist, especially on a bracelet, it has the wrist presence of a larger watch but yet wears incredibly on the smaller wristed without looking silly on the larger wrists. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date features a beautiful champagne dial with gold hands and indices, intact lume plots around the outer edge of the dial on the minute track. A very well kept engine-turned bezel on an, also very well maintained, 34mm oyster case. The watch also comes paired on it's original Rolex oyster bracelet and clasp. 

This reference offers the Rolex Cal. 3135 which allows for easy quick-set date, making it a very attractive option for the person with a collection that they rotate often, pick it up, change the date and off you go. 

Points of Mention

The watch is in great overall condition for age. We have no service history for the watch but all functions work smoothly, winding is smooth and date change is sharp, the watch is also running well. The watch comes with enough links to fit a 7inch wrist on full length of clasp.

Personal Note

It is no secret that I love smaller watches, having a smaller wrist it was just a given. This reference provides the small size on wrist but larger wrist presence with the oyster case, it's perfect. Plus coming on it's bracelet with a clean champagne dial too, modern quick set movement, it really is a great Rolex option for the person either looking for their first Rolex or a collector looking for a fun reference to add.

Rolex Submariner 16610

The Watch

The reference 16610 debuted in 1988 to replace the Submariner 1680. The changes included a Glossy Black dial as opposed to the flat black of the 1680. It was upgraded to white gold markers around Superluminova. One of the biggest changes was the sapphire crystal, a big change to the acrylic.

This reference 16610 is from 2000 and is a P serial, this means you get all the above mentioned upgrades but you also get solid end links. This makes a world of a difference when on wrist, you get a more comfortable experience. It is also in amazing condition. Coming with it's box and papers, outer box, all booklets and hand tags, the only thing missing is the Steel Anchor.

Points of Mention

The watch would have been serviced in 2014 when the previous owner of this watch purchased it from another UK based watch dealer, it is running very well still and is in great cosmetic condition. The bracelet is experiencing some stretch which is normal for a watch of this age. All spare links are provided with the watch. The watch was originally purchased on the 30/10/2000 in Pittsburg US.

Personal Note

This is one of the best condition 16610 I have seen. The Submariner is a watch I always felt both love and hate for, I felt like I saw them a lot and wouldn't enjoy wearing one for that reason. When this came in for sale I wore it for a day and I can safely say my mind has been changed forever! If I was to go for a Pre-Ceramic Submariner (Which would be my choice over the new Ceramic Submariner) I would go with this reference as it's easily a modern watch with near vintage appeal!

1982 Rolex Datejust 16030

I was so excited when I picked up this incredible example of a 16030 with the engine turned bezel, the dial is beautiful condition for it's age too! Overall the whole watch is perfect, it is an aftermarket Jubilee but other than that I truly think this watch is the full package for sure! Just look at the condition of the case, it has been polished in the past but very well and the lugs are FAR from soft!

With the increase in prices across the board in retail for Rolex I think the trend we are seeing of the prices only increasing on vintage is only going to continue! If you are in the market for a vintage Rolex then today is definitely the day to pick on up!

1987 Rolex Date 15505

Do you love the idea of a Gold Rolex but have a mini heart attack every time you see the price? You're not alone and thankfully the 15505 can offer you the true and honest look of a Gold Rolex which actually being gold plated, thankfully it is a hefty and thick gold plate too! This watch is 31 years old and definitely has been worn within those years, but the case is holding up incredibly well as you can see by the photos! I would say there is easily an entire lifetime of wear left in this case yet before any steel begins to be visible.

This reference has the champagne dial which pairs perfectly with the gold tone of the case, condition of this one is all original and untouched! I would say look no further and treat yourself to a gold Rolex for less than most steel Rolex's today!

Rolex Datejust 16233

I am happy to present one of the most incredible dials on a Datejust I have ever seen! This beautiful Datejust Ref. 16233 dating to 1991 features a ivory white textured, pyramid like, dial which contrasts perfectly against the steel & rose gold case and jubilee bracelet! The watch still has it's original green sticker on the caseback and is in overall great condition considering the age, also the Jubilee bracelet has minimal stretch, it is currently fitting a 6 1/4 - 6 1/2 inch wrist but more links can be added on request.

Rolex Ladies Datejust 69173

Here we have a beautiful Two-Tone Ladies Rolex Datejust Ref. 69173 dating from 1984, it comes on it's original Jubilee bracelet which will fit a wrist of up to 5 1/2 inch wrist, more links can be provided on request. This model features a champagne dial and would look incredible on any ladies wrist! Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a Rolex or you are looking to get your wife/partner a lovely watch then look no further! 

Rolex Explorer 114270

What we have here is an incredible Rolex Explorer, reference 114270, from 2004! It comes with an Original Rolex box and guarantee from the Jewellers it was sold from this year, original paperwork isn't included. The 114270 is considered by some as the best modern Explorer Rolex have made, I would agree with those people! It has the perfect case size of 36mm and it also has solid end links with the old Rolex clasp.

If you are looking for a great Rolex which has the iconic design but paired with modern build quality and a great price I can very easily say look no further! All this watch for the asking price we have here is incredible and will serve someone very well for the rest of their life and their next generation!

NOTE OF MENTION - The watch comes with a sapphire crystal that has a small chip at 6 o'clock as photographed! This can be replaced upon request with another sapphire crystal.

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