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1982 Rolex Oyster Perpetual...

The Watch

There is something special about a 34mm oyster case on wrist, especially on a bracelet, it has the wrist presence of a larger watch but yet wears incredibly on the smaller wristed without looking silly on the larger wrists. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date features a beautiful champagne dial with gold hands and indices, intact lume plots around the outer edge of the dial on the minute track. A very well kept engine-turned bezel on an, also very well maintained, 34mm oyster case. The watch also comes paired on it's original Rolex oyster bracelet and clasp. 

This reference offers the Rolex Cal. 3135 which allows for easy quick-set date, making it a very attractive option for the person with a collection that they rotate often, pick it up, change the date and off you go. 

Points of Mention

The watch is in great overall condition for age. We have no service history for the watch but all functions work smoothly, winding is smooth and date change is sharp, the watch is also running well. The watch comes with enough links to fit a 7inch wrist on full length of clasp.

Personal Note

It is no secret that I love smaller watches, having a smaller wrist it was just a given. This reference provides the small size on wrist but larger wrist presence with the oyster case, it's perfect. Plus coming on it's bracelet with a clean champagne dial too, modern quick set movement, it really is a great Rolex option for the person either looking for their first Rolex or a collector looking for a fun reference to add.

AXES Oversized 18K Rose...

The Watch

Vintage, oversized, 18k rose gold, manually wound chronograph, even patina, what more is there to want? I believe these Brands that are no longer with us offer some of the best value in the market, whether it be for a classic dress watch or something more like this beautiful Chronograph. The 38mm 18k Rose Gold case is a lovely warm rose gold tone instead of the deep copper colour we see today in modern watches, vintage rose gold is always a warmer tone. It contrasts perfectly to the dial which has developed beautiful and even patina over time, the blue telemeter scale and red tachymeter scale on the dial are still in great visible condition.

The watch is powered by a serviced Landeron 149 and has a great actuation when initiating, stopping and resetting the chronograph. The watch is paired on a nice Geckota brown leather strap which compliments the warm tone of the 18k Rose Gold and makes it an absolute treat to wear.

Points of Mention

The watch does have patina on the dial. The case was professional polished and is in good condition, the crown was replaced with a tone correct 18k rose gold crown when serviced, the watch was serviced in 2018 and running great.

Personal Note

When people talk value in the industry it's always a tough one as value means different things to different people. When I see a 18k gold vintage chronograph for under £1000 I see incredible value! If this watch was to have a more recognised brand on the dial it would be anywhere from 3x or 10x depending on the brand, that is value. Plus I like the idea that you will probably NEVER see another on someone's wrist.

1995 Omega Constellation

What we have here in a great and affordable Omega which will look great on both him or her! The bracelet flows from the case effortlessly making the wearing experience very comfortable, also the way the links are put together is very ingenious and makes for a great looking bracelet. It being Quartz allows me to offer this watch to you at an even better price, so treat yourself to this great watch today.

Tissot Seastar

Whether you are looking for an affordable watch as a Christmas gift or a treat to yourself, Tissot always has something to offer! This Seastar offers an affordable automatic watch, exhibition caseback, water resistance with a helium escape value, great lume, comfortable rubber strap and the list really could go on! Plus... Who doesn't like blue?! Save yourself the headache of getting someone a present they might not like and get them this watch that they'll love!

Wittnauer Rose Gold Full SET!

I am definitely on a streak of weird and wonderful watches and this is no exception! An unusual 70s Wittnauer with it's original box, papers, leather strap and hand tag! The case is what got me with this watch, the unusual (For it's time) rose gold plate case with the most extravagant bezel I have ever seen, it is almost like a bark finish which plays with the light so well when on wrist. Whilst talking about on wrist it wears so well considering it is 33mm, whilst small it has a large wrist presence due to that bezel and the rich and warm rose gold tone which follows to the dial which is developing a nice and even patina.

If you are looking for a dressy watch that will stand out in the swarm of clean and classic dress watches then look no further, this piece will definitely turn heads and spark conversations!

Favre-Leuba Harpoon

Here we have a completely original and untouched Favre-Leuba Harpoon! The reason I add emphasis on "Original" and "Untouched" as one of these watches was sold on a competitors website with a redial and non-original hands for... Are we ready.... $1300! So with that in mind how about I offer you one that has it's original lines on the dial which can only be seen under high magnification and in the right light, it also comes with it's original and insanely domed crystal! The simplicity of this watch is what really makes it charming, the crown is hidden behind the case which only adds to how space like this watch looks on the wrist.

So if you want this watch and want it in original condition and for a very fair price then look no further! We have you covered.

Favre-Leuba Sea Raider II...

This watch is as close to NOS (New Old Stock) as you can get! It certainly is unworn with a few hairline scratches which would have developed from being stored over the many years. This unusually shaped watch comes with it's ORIGINAL leather strap, original buckle and original hand tag! All in fantastic condition and really add to the story of this watch.

As mentioned the case shape of this watch is really unusual and has many different angles and edges, but it goes even further than that. The dial has some incredible detailing with speckles which I assume are to resemble the deepest depth of the ocean as the watch is called "Sea Raider II". They resemble closely to Aventurine or Lapis Lazuli, insanely cool and usual! 

Longines L3.617.4

With the current hype of integrated bracelets I couldn't miss the opportunity to bring this awesome and affordable watch to the table! This is a modern Longines with a great design that feels very futuristic, the watch is in great condition and clearly has been barely worn. The thing that amazed me the most was getting a loupe to the dial and seeing the way the indices step towards the outside of the case, it adds insane depth and really emphasises on the futuristic look of the watch.

The best part is the price. For such a small amount in the grand scheme of watches you can get yourself a great looking watch from a very well respected brand! So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to this awesome watch.

Omega Chronostop

Here we have my first Omega Chronostop of the store and it definitely won't be the last! The case dimensions of this watch are perfect and it really feels great on the wrist, plus the fact that you are getting a great looking Omega with a brilliant movement for WAY less than a standard Speedmaster or even a gold Seamaster is insane! I truly believe the prices of these today we will look back on and wonder why we didn't buy more and put them in the safe!

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