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In 1927 Cauny was founded by Mireille Grebler based in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. She became one of the first women in the world to head a watch brand. Distribution of the watches was carried out by a Spanish wholesaler and were intended mainly for the Spanish market. The company went by many names "M. Grebler" was registered in 1951. Cauny Prima is probably their best known brand identity which was registered in 1953. Cauny can also be found listed as "Cauny Watch, Mireille Grebler.” The company closed its doors in 1966 but later at the beginning of the 1970s they reappeared. The trademark that had been registered in 1966 was owned by United Time SL at Carraterio del Plantia based in Madrid and was brought back to life by Andre Laager, of Brugg, Switzerland in 1973. Today Cauny has branches all over Spain and continues to produce a wide variety of men's and ladies watches