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Sekonda was founded in the UK in 1966. It was initially imported from two of the oldest watch factories in Russia: the Soviet’s first manufacturer of watches and movements, the First State Watch Factory was established in 1930; and Russia’s oldest factory, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory was established in 1721. They produced the Poljot and Raketa watches, respectively. These Poljot and Raketa watches were rebranded to bear the Sekonda name. When the quartz movement took hold in the 1970s Sekonda took it as an opportunity to move its manufacturing process to Hong Kong. Therein, it was able to develop more stylish watch designs. By 1988, Sekonda was already the leading watch brand in the UK; and it continued to be so because of the company’s commitment to expansion and innovation of timepieces. 

The watch industry began to grow in 1998 when more fashion watch brands emerged. Unfortunately, this resulted in a decrease in the market shares of each watch brand. Sekonda realised that it has to strategize once again to keep its top position in the watch market. By 2004, the Seksy watch line was born. Partnered with clever marketing, Seksy lady's watches quickly became bestsellers.

At present, Sekonda is still committed to producing innovative and stylish timepieces equipped with reliable movements and offered at reasonable price points. They have also maintained outstanding customer service. With these, Sekonda is now a global watch brand and still among the most well-known in the United Kingdom.