“Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself; What do I want to do every day, for the rest of my life?... DO THAT.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Just over 2 years ago I heard Gary Vaynnerchuk (Incredible entrepreneur with amazing drive, work ethic and great books! Check him out) say those words and it changed my life. I decided it was time to hand in my notice flipping burgers for 14 hour days and go after my dream! To become a watch dealer… And what a journey it has been so far. The best part is, this is just the start!

It all began back in my home city of Leicester; the passion for watches grew from a Citizen Eagle 7 from the 1970s that I picked up for £13 on eBay! I was 18 at the time and to have a vintage watch, or a watch in general, wasn’t the norm. Why would it be when “You can check the time with your phone”, but I knew a watch could mean more than telling the time. It could define a special moment in your life, an achievement, a birthday, a gift from or to a loved one… It could tell a story. That intrigued me immediately and I found myself spending hours on the internet learning as much as I could! Before you knew it I had 7 watches!

I knew I had to get myself into the industry so I could get hands on with watches every day! I took the first job I could which was working for WatchStation in a House of Fraser Outlet, this was my foot into the world of watches and the industry! 

Next stop, prestigious jewellers with luxury brands… That took me, at the age of 19, all the way to High Wycombe! Goodbye home and hello world of being independent and paying bills, the pressure was on… And I loved it! I took a job at Beaverbrooks. Later (In the same year) moved to Bracknell with Beaverbrooks for a brand new store & shopping centre! And that is where I am currently.


During most of this I ran a YouTube channel, actually that started when I was 14 with video games! Later moved on to 200 Days of Vlogging without missing a day and most recently combining the passion for watches! With 2,200+ Subscribers and 370,000+ total views it definitely did well! Taken a short break from YouTube whilst all this moving and life changing happens, but I'm back! Click Here!

Whether it was my “Paint Stand” I created in Games Workshop, at the age of 11 painting other peoples models for them at a commission, or buying, selling & trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards and running a eBay Shop for it at the age of 14, I’ve had a deep passion for business and being my own boss. It was only natural that this passion for watches was going to turn into a business and here we are. Over 6 months in with 50+ watches sold, 35% of that since January alone, I would say it is going very well.

My goal is to become a go to name for watches, a name you know and can trust. But beyond that I want to provide the best buying and selling experience possible, more than a sale you’re getting passion and dedication!

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